We all know that with the emergence of TIVO and Cable DVR devices that the day of the 30 second TV commercial spot is rapidly going the way of the horse and carriage. It is equally easy for a home viewer without either TIVO or DVR to “tune out” traditional advertising by either using the mute button or simply ignoring the TV as soon as a commercial begins. So then, why bother with TV or even film at all? Quite simply, where else can you reach millions of captive viewers?

Let’s not fool ourselves, print (as a medium for advertising) is dead. The cost of an ad in the LA Times or NY Times is astronomical, often reaching $10,000 for a one page – one-time color ad only. Bear in mind that this is a one-time shot: once the ad runs, that’s it. Hey, even bus bench ads cost around $250 per bench per month. With most companies needing a year commitment of 10 benches per month, that is a yearly outlay of $30,000.00 – YIKES. That is only one city and not that many benches!

Where then can you get the most “bang for the buck?” Where else but product placement? Because your product is integrated into the show itself, it will NOT be muted or edited out. It will continue to offer value every time it is run in syndication or in re-runs, and with many shows going to DVD; your placement could air for YEARS to come. It also creates what many marketing experts call “implied star endorsements” (i.e.: Kiefer Sutherland drinks your product on 24, people associate your product with star power). Come on, now, who doesn’t want to be as cool as Jack Bauer?

Placed4Success knows that the economy is tough right now, but now is also the time for those companies with faith and vision to burst free with a fully integrated multimedia approach to your product. Let your sales representatives know that your product will be on “Big Bang Theory” or “CSI NY” and watch how they can sell to new markets and open up new channels of distribution. It is awfully impressive to new vendors to hear that you, as a company, have enough commitment to your product to place it in film and television for the world to see.

You’ve got the products, we’ve got the contacts. Let’s make it happen!